In the Loop

Ah MIFF 2009. More films. Rather than set up another blog I’ll just review them here.

In the Loop is a fine satire about the build up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The story concerns Toby who goes to work for The Minister for International Development as an adviser. The Minister, Simon Foster, has just made an inadvertent statement about the likelihood of war and a senior adviser, brilliantly played by Peter Capaldi seeks to correct the statement. What follows is a great farce as the UK and US governments engage in spin and distortion on their way to invading Iraq.

To reveal much more is to ruin the comedy, as much of it is narrative driven. So it won’t be done.

The Blair government and it’s sad propensity for spin is skewered hilariously. It’s great stuff. It’s the funniest film I’ve seen in ages.



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