Up ( IMDB ) 2009 by Pixar is yet another really fine Pixar film. Pixar is an astonishing success. Pixar’s cinema releases are all fine, perhaps only Cars was a letdown and even that was better than most animated films for children. Up is one of the best. It’s also the first to be in 3D. The cinema effect using circular polarization with the RealD system works very well. But technology is only a tool to tell a good story that captures your attention and charms you and this film does exactly that.

The script is polished and works really well. The film keeps up with a relentless pace, a new task is raised and resolved every few minutes while the longer story arc is kept in mind. The story concerns an old man, Carl, who attaches balloons to his house to travel, a small boy, Russel, tags along. They travel and have adventures. To say any more would be to spoil the film for people who are going to see it.

The Incredibles and Monsters, Inc remain my favourite Pixar films, but this is definitely up there with those two and the original Toy Story. A really fantastic film that should be seen by pretty much everyone.



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