Looking for Eric

Looking for Eric ( 2009 imdb ) is a charming Ken Loach film that Loach pulled from MIFF because MIFF receives money from Israel.

It’s a fine, fun film. It’s great to see a film that makes you feel good and that is intelligent. The lead role is played by Steve Evets, one time bassist for The Fall, and he does a great job. He’s a divorced man in his 50s who is having a tough time. He has two step sons who live in his house and treat him with disdain. He works as a postman. But he does have a bunch of mates who stick by him, united as work mates and as football fans.

The film treads the line between depressing realism and a fun film well. It looks like it is going to sink into the often very depressing world of British life on film.

Looking for Eric also looks at how people view celebrities and sports heroes. Cantona is an interesting figure for this, he was crucial in Manchester United’s change from also rans to being one of the biggest clubs in Europe. He was also a problematic figure, playing brilliant football but then having a serious disciplinary problem. He also made some insightful and enigmatic comments to the press.

Looking for Eric is well worth a look, it’s charming.



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