Who Killed Leigh Leigh

Who Killed Leigh Leigh (1998) by Kerry Carrington is a book about the killing of Leigh Leigh in 1989 in Stockton, a suburb of Newcastle. The murder was written into a play that became the film Blackrock .It’s a thoroughly depressing read that chronicles just how awful people can be. Leigh Leigh was a 14 year old girl who went to a 16th birthday part where she got very drunk and was raped and then killed. It’s awful. Two boys were prosecuted. Mat Webster and Tom Potts. Mat Webster for murder and Potts for carnal knowledge. Carrington alleges that others were involved. She is probably correct. She sees poor and cynical policing and a culture that is misogynistic as the causes. She is probably correct. Against this you do wonder what would be gained by other convictions. The police presumably looked at the case as solved with two convictions and doubted there was sufficient evidence to get more. Carrington sees this as a gross dereliction of duty. It’s arguable.

I’m not into true crime. This book didn’t grab me. Indeed it just made me reflect on how awful human beings can be.



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