Storm Front

Storm Front (2000) by Jim Butcher is the first book of the series of books about the Chicago Wizard Harry Dresden . The book is a fun romp that cleverly mixes the supernatural with a crime story. The books have a following and one TV series has been made.

The book deals with some nasty murders that, it seems, are clearly the work of wizards. Harry Dresden is called in and goes off and solves the crime. The main characters are quite cool. Harry is a fine character, he is sympathetic, charming and quirky. Karin Murphy is the police officer who calls Dresden. The two have some attraction to each other but the tension isn’t a central theme in the book and indeed Dresden has another romantic interest. Bob is Harry’s elemental spirit who aids him in wizardly research.

The book mixes supernatural with detective stories well and has good characters that are not super-human. The book has an interesting take on how wizards interact with the normal world. Vampires and some other magical beings are introduced in a nicely constrained way. Some of the villains are even quite interesting. One is not particularly, but that’s forgivable. Overall it’s well done light relief and I look forward to reading the other books in the series.



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