Splice (2010) is a new take on the Frankenstein myth. The creation this time is a genetically engineered creature.

Elsa and Clive are two scientists who work for a corporation on genetic engineering. They create these strange slug like creatures that are intended to produce proteins. The research project is forced to start to bring returns and their longer term projects are no longer possible. Due to this pressure they try to create a more sophisticated creature rapidly. They do this and take care of the creature before it grows which is does very rapidly and then, to provide drama, goes out of control.

The movie is well thought out and not bad the problem is that the territory has been so well traversed that it’s hard to find anything fresh. The film does this to some degree, there are some clever turns and the relationship between Elsa, Clive and their creature is interesting. The film isn’t dull or stupid and is reasonably exciting and suspenseful at times but there is little that it and it’s possible sequels will be remembered for.



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