Dream Home

Dream Home (2010) is a film about a young upwardly mobile professional, the people she meets, her family and the people kills to get her dream flat. It’s an incredibly brutal film that is funny for anyone with a sick sense of humour and offers a bit of social commentary. Cheng Li-sheung is shown killing a number of people. The film reveals this to be because she cannot afford a flat that she wants. The film intersperses the killing spree with flash backs from Cheng’s life growing up and seeing property developers corruptly remove old flat blocks and her life with her family and friends. Then there is the actual killing itself which is some of the most brutal killing that you can see in a film. It’s presumably reasonably realistic but features startling footage of various murders. The film presumably sees itself as commentary on the craziness of Hong Kong real estate and getting desirable real estate anywhere in the world. Perhaps it will be remade in Australia soon.


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