Mogworld (2010) by Ben Yahtzee Croshaw is a fun first novel from the creator of the irreverent Zero Punctuation game reviews.

The book is similar in tone to Terry Pratchet’s books and is set in a fantasy world that is used to satirise modernity and life in general. The book’s protagonist is Jim, an undead minion of a necromancer. The other main characters are an undead priest, an undead woman and a thief. The lead protagonist is, as with many first novels, an alter ego for Croshaw, or at least Croshaw’s self-created alter-ego on Zero Punctuation. Anyone who has watched Zero Punctuation will no doubt find themselves hearing Jim’s words with Croshaw’s voice.

The book’s jokes are very much like Croshaw’s game reviews, clever hyperbole and insulting jokes tied together.

There is a big, but fairly obvious twist in the book. It’s done well though. The details are handled with panache and it’s also an interesting enough twist that even though it’s a well used trope it doesn’t make the book painful. Each of the major characters also has a twist in their tale too, which helps the book.

For anyone who has even a passing familiarity with fantasy books and some familiarity with modern fantasy games the book is a fun read.


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