The Hardest Working Man in Showbiz

The Hardest Working Man in Showbiz (2007) by Ron Jeremy is Ron Jeremy’s autobiography.

The book follows the usual autobiographical tale and goes over Jeremy’s childhood and growing up in New York. After obtaining a Master’s degree he tried to get into showbiz, didn’t get far and then got a break posing for Playgirl and his remarkable appendage led him into adult films where he became a star.

From there his drive led him to star in some 4000 films, far more than even the second most active adult star, John Holmes, who was only in about 400. Jeremy is remarkable for staying in the industry for an enormously long time and also for not abusing drugs or alcohol.

Jeremy is clearly a smart guy. The autobiography is reasonably well done. He gives some insight to himself. It appears he is one of those people for whom entertainment is everything and he was desperate to do it in some form and wound up doing it in porn. He makes the usual lamentations about the porn industry and how the film became more and more quickly produced, cutting the time down from a week to half days.

He doesn’t glamourise the industry and points out how it’s pretty hard physically. He talks in detail about how unsexy it actually is maintaining the strange set of positions that have become codified in porn.

Jeremy also talks about his more famous friends from Hollywood and the comedians he got to know. Jeremy himself has done quite a bit of stand up. The relationship between Hollywood and the porn industry is portrayed as pretty curious.

The book is quite interesting, the details presented are interesting and it’s well worth reading a smart insiders take on the porn industry.


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