The Development of Jet and Turbine Aero Engines

The Development of Jet and Turbine Aero Engines (2006) by Bill Gunston is an interesting, thorough detailing of how jet engines work and the book also provides a long history of the development of such engines.

The book is divided into two parts, the first, on how gas turbines work goes over the principles and then the parts of jet engines. Compressors, Combustion, Turbines, Jetpipes, props and fans, systems construction and installation make up the chapters. The explanations are dense and usually clear and there is little math used.

The second part of the book goes over the history of jet engines. It’s quite amazing in a way in that Gunston has been involved with aircraft and jets for almost their entire history. The history section has a weakness in that Gunston is overly British centric, but the coverage is thorough and the detail remarkable.

The book is a good read for anyone who is interested in getting some understanding of jet engines. They are one of the most amazing things that humans build and this book provides an overview and a history of them with enough detail for any layman.


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