My Horizontal Life

My Horizontal Life ( 2005 ) by Chelsea Handler is a funny recollection of the author’s various one night stands. Handler is a stand up comedian and now talk show host.

I often find that humour does not work well for me in books. It’s rare that I find myself laughing out loud or even grinning sufficiently to make other people on the train a little confused as to whether or not I’m unbalanced. However, this book did make me laugh out loud a few times and smile and grin substantially on a number of occasions.

The book goes over Handler’s love life from her teenage years and on. The book isn’t too hard on the people it makes fun of, but the men she has slept with don’t come off too well. It does, predictably all finally lead to Handler wanting a bit more but even this isn’t done it too saccharine a manner.

Handler dramatizes her life well and the book is a bit like David Sedaris of Augusten Burroughs. It’s a fun read that will entertain most people.


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