Page One: Inside the New York Times

Page One: Inside the New York Times (wikipedia) (2010) directed by Andrew Rossi is an informative look at the New York Times newspaper in a time of considerable flux for journalism. The documentary is lucky enough that it gets the times close enough to the reporting of the Iraq War, when Wikileaks broke on to the international scene and when the Tribune Group when bankrupt and the CEO resigned in part due to a story filed by one of the journalists, David Carr, who is covered in depth in the documentary.

Rossi has a history with being involved with fine documentaries about news, he produced the excellent Control Room documentary about Al Jazeera and news during the start of the Iraq War.

The documentary on the times is in part a piece on the changing nature of journalism as the economics of print newspapers has been dramatically worsened by the internet. The convenient package of news and advertising that printing money for years is now a thing of the past. The documentary focuses on the group within the NYT that covers the media and the documentary also covers the amusing journalist Andrew Carr.

Page One is a timely, focused documentary that is interesting throughout its 88 minutes. It’s not as powerful as the Control Room but it’s worth seeing to see how the media is handling the historic shift to online news.


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