Drive (2009) by Daniel Pink isn’t a bad book that goes over what really motivates people. Much of the material has been covered by various other popular psychology books.

Drive covers extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, the need to do ‘Goldilocks’ tasks that are neither too hard nor too easy and other strategies for getting people to work better. Extrinsic motivation is described as better for repetitive measurable tasks while intrinsic motivation is described as better for tasks that are less prescriptive.

The book has various examples of companies and organisations that have strategies that work well. The Results Only Workplace Environment (ROWE) at Best Buy is described where people are only tasked with doing certain things and their times spent in the office are irrelevant. The Sydney company Atlassian is described and their FedEx days where employees have a day to deliver something cool is written up and praised as a good idea.

The book also references many other popular psychology and business development books.

Drive isn’t bad and is sure to contain something new for most people but for anyone who has read much of this kind of thing before much of the content will be familiar.


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