Moab is my Washpot

Moab is my Washpot (1997) by Stephen Fry is an autobiography that covers the first 20 years of Fry’s life. Fry is a very clever and funny guy and has been very successful as a comedian. The book cover’s Fry’s first government school, his two private schools and the government schools he attended after that.
The book is incredibly self-indulgent much of which is to be expected in an autobiography but it is hard to imagine this won’t bore most people. Fry also covers his defects in detail, in this case his lying, thieving and vanity. Defects and falls into alcoholism, such as American on Purpose can be really interesting but somehow this book isn’t. The biggest weakness is probably that it is simply too long. An editor who had taken half the book out would have made it considerably better. After the umpteenth description of one of Fry’s school friends it’s very, very hard to care.


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