The Making of Prince of Persia

The Making of Prince of Persia (2011) by Jordan Mechner is a compilation of Jordan Mechner’s diary while he was making the computer games Prince of Persia and Prince of Persia 2. It’s a compilation that while of interest to fans and historians but is not that interesting to people who are just interested in games.
Mechner is a brilliant guy who while at Yale wrote the highly successful Karetaka game for the Apple 2. After graduating for Yale Mechner moved to San Francisco and wrote Prince of Persia while writing scripts and eventually making films as well. After Prince of Persia became a huge hit Mechner then moved to Paris and travelled Europe. Mechner is a brilliant guy who created computer games, wrote music and film scripts and the diaries provide some interest but it’s not sufficient.
The diaries, while having sparks of interest, lack something that really draws the reader in. This is fair enough, they are Mechner’s real diaries and not something written to dramatize the events. For aspiring game writers, fans of Prince of Persia and historians the book has merit, but for readers with less interest in the subject matter it’s not particularly gripping.


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