Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey (2011) by EL James is a wildly successful book that includes some Spanky Hanky Panky. The book managed to sell more quickly than the Harry Potter books.
It tells the tale of the beautiful Ana Steele who is a 22 year old virgin who inadvertently meets the handsome, charming young billionaire Christian Grey. Grey and Steele are besotted with each other. Grey’s thing, however, is being a BSDM dominant. He also, to make the story even less believable, has never had non-BSDM sex until he cannot resist with Ana.
The book isn’t horribly written, but the prose is not sparkling either and James’ British idioms combined with the US setting jar on occasion. Beyond the incredulous plot the other problem is that the book is boring in parts. It’s hard to care about the characters. However, clearly quite a few people do and rapidly absorb the book’s sequels.


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