I am the Secret Footballer

I am The Secret Footballer (2012) by Anonymous is a book based on the Guardian column that is allegedly by a Premier League Footballer. Whether or not the book is a by a player, or a group of players or a journalist or a journalist and a footballer is a matter of considerable speculation.

The book is fairly interesting, it covers the players lives, the money involved, fans, tactics, team mates, footballers behaviour and various other aspects of being a modern footballer.
In the book the author indicates that a lot of what outsiders write and say about football is nonsense.

The chapter on agents is fascinating. The agent points out that they actually raise wages for players and justifies why this is the case. The picture presented of how players, managers and others behave seems to be realistic. Players are intensely competitive and are pretty harsh on each other. They live increible lives, spending huge sums on trips around Europe and to Las Vegas.

Books by anonymous insiders can be fascinating, the book Primary Colors was a highly amusing book that provided a look inside the 1992 Democratic campaign for the president. I am The Secret Football is similar. For anyone interested in football the book is worth the short time it requires to read.


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