The Management Myth

The Management Myth (2009) by Matthew Stewart is an excellent piece of nonfiction that skewers much of management ‘science’ and also tells an entertaining inside story of working in high end management consulting.
Stewart has a degree from Princeton that included Physics and a PhD from Oxford and with this he is able to understand science and logically work his way through thought very systematically. In addition he writes well.
The book has a narrative like much of the best nonfiction and it also has an impressive array of interesting revelations on the subject of management science. Stewart goes through how Talor, Mayo, Drucker and others created a vast body of pseudo science that influenced Communist and Fascist societies and led to the creation of business schools that were more about business than school and led to companies wasting huge amounts of money.
The book is very much worth reading for anyone who has ever seen management mayhem, it may not stop foolish powerful people from making mistakes but it may help the sense of absurdity when going through the next reorganization.


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