I started reading Factotum (1975) by Charles Bukowski. Then I got a new job, got drunk and then got fired. Then I read the next chapter. Then I got on a train to New Orleans. After that I stopped to read the next chapter and listen to some Mahler. Then went to a bar, got sauced and read the next chapter. After that I went out and got a job at a warehouse. It was good for the first two days and I took a liking to the broad who worked in the office. We got together that night, got some port, had fun and I read another chapter.  The next day I was late to work, got fired and took a bus to Florida where I got a job from a mean man in an auto shop. That only lasted 4 days, so I got some wine and read another chapter.

Factotum is apparently one of Bukowski’s best books. It’s interesting to read even if it’s also easy to make fun of.  The unemployment rates of the time do seem something. The book has also inspired lots of writers. 


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