How to Age

How to Age (2014) by Anne Karpf is a book in the School of Life Series that tries to help us age. The book looks at how people view aging and what we can do to age gracefully.

Some of the other School of Life books are really quite good. How to Stay Sane is a solid book about what to do to keep mental health in order. How to Age does not work nearly as well. The book doesn’t deal with many of the specific fears of aging that confront us. Many of us will wind disabled due to the decay of our bodies and brains. How on earth should we look forward to that? The arc of Life, one of the chapters, does indeed sound noble. But few include ‘the age of incontinence’ in it.

The book has some insight into how we should deal with some aspects of aging and not worrying too much about things but it really doesn’t offer much other than the views of various people in history on aging.  


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