Think Like a Freak (2014) by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt is the latest book from the authors of Freakonomics who also produce an excellent podcast. I’ve read the previous books and reading this book the words sounded like they were spoken by the pair.

The book covers what they mean by thinking like a freak, saying “I don’t know”, looking at the problem, how to think like a child, how to persuade people, how to monetise a great podcast by producing more books,  how to persuade people and the upside of quitting.

It’s definitely not a bad book. It is, however, the weakest of the 3 Freakonomics books. For fans of the podcast and the previous book it’s definitely worth a read but for people who have read the first two books the best advice would be to start with them and see how you like it. Some of the chapters are really interesting, saying “I don’t know” and “the upside of quitting” are worth perusing by anyone but the rest of the book is not up to the standard of previous Freakonomics work.


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