Everything is Bullshit

Everything is Bullshit (2014) by Alex Mayyasi and the Priceonomics team is a book that is expanded tales from the excellent Priceonomics website. It’s narrative connected with data. 

The Priceonomics blog is an often fascinating, well written and highly entertaining blog that does a great job of writing magazine length stories. This book extends a number of them and does a reasonable job. 

Diamonds, wine, food, $1000 phone applications, Taxis, evaluating college, pets, stolen bikes, San Francisco real estate, deodorant and what it’s like to go from being very successful financially to homeless all have chapters in this book. 

It’s well written and if you haven’t encountered the stories before they are mostly very interesting. The writing and hype can be a bit over the top, the title of the book is just one example. It’s a pity the writers didn’t cut back a bit on the hyperbole, the stories mostly stand on their own merit. The book also covers a lot of the same ground as the website so anyone who reads the blog regularly will know quite a lot of the material.

Still, the book is well worth a read for anyone who likes data driven stories. 



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