The Economics of Just About Everything

The Economics of Just About Everything (2014) by Andrew Leigh is another excellent book from the ALP MP and former academic economist. The book is a popularisation of economic ideas.

First the book looks at dating and the ‘first optimal stopping problem’. The Leigh examines fitness through the lens of behavioural economics. Then the book looks at sport statistics, career cycles crime, poverty and forecasting. Finally there is a summary of how to use economics in your own life.

The book is calm, measured and references a wealth of other studies and books. Leigh also nicely references people who don’t agree with him such as a number of more pro-market economists. He also touches on one of his debates with Peter Brent, that of the efficacy of markets for prediction. It should be said that the book is also pleasantly short.

It’s really an excellent book that makes you think that Australia really does have some excellent politicians. Few parliaments in the world can boast someone who writes popular books on the subject that they know best with such skill.


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