Hipster Business Models

Hipster Business Models (2014) by Priceonomics is a collection of essays that appeared on the excellent Priceonomics web site. People making money out of music, being a dancing robot, creating tanks for jellyfish, type out stories and create plastic yoga men make for really interesting stories.

The book makes an interesting point that people make money in the most curious ways, creating things on kickstarter and indiegogo to delight us all. None of the subjects of the book makes really big money, but they do make a living doing something they love. The conclusion in the book about this is that the kids are alright. It’s a very good point.

If you haven’t subscribed to the rss feed and haven’t read the site much this book would be a really good read. If you have read the website it’s a fun reminder of things and probably contains a few new revelations as well. It’s also worth noting that the Priceonomics teams writes well, or has a great editor so it’s a very pleasant read.


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