Danish Dynamite

Danish Dynamite: The Story of Football’s Greatest Cult Team (2014) by Rob Smyth, Lars Eriksen and and Mike Gibbons looks at the wonderful Danish team of the 1980s and early 1990s.

Denmark didn’t get a professional league with reasonable rules until the 1970s. Despite football being the big game in Denmark the national team had never managed to be good prior to the late 1970s. Kurt Nielsen was one of the first Danish managers of the National team who was a full manager in the modern sense and who could select his own team. He was friendly and allowed the players too much freedom. His successor, Sepp Pointek was a former German international who was serious about creating a good team. When he moved to Denmark he was very lucky and got a fantastic group of players who with more serious coaching became one of the best teams of the 1980s featuring the fantastic Laudrup brothers, Elkjær, Olsen and a host of others.

The team really was thrilling and would go on to remarkable success at the 1984 European Championship and the 1986 World Cup. The team then declined and went on to cause a great upset and win the 1992 European Championship.

If you like reading about soccer and great teams of the past the book is well worth reading. However, it would be better as a documentary. Apparently there is a documentary in Danish and perhaps English which would be great to see. For anyone who vaguely remembers the team but not in great detail it’s a bit of a stretch. Hopefully the documentary will be released like the Kindle copy of the book.


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