There’s an Egg in my Soup

There’s an Egg in my Soup (2007) by Tom Galvin is an account of living in a rural town 40km East of Warsaw in the mid 1990s. Galvin went there on a scholarship to teach English and the book is his memoir of what the town and his stay was like.

It’s not a brilliant book by any stretch but it is quite interesting. Poland 20 years ago was still recovering from Communism and Soviet occupation. It wasn’t clear in the early 1990s whether Poland would stay poor and depressed. Today Poland looks rich, successful and dynamic and is one of the great success stories of the end of Soviet Occupation.

Galvin’s book describes Misk Mozowiecki and his time in the school fairly well. He paints a fair portrait of what the place was like and the way the people were. It’s quite warm and funny in parts. It’s not a hilarious memoir but nor is it without feeling.

If you’re interested in Poland and how Eastern Europe faired after the fall of Communism it’s worth a read, it’s not great literature but it’s light, entertaining read.


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