The Second Machine Age

The Second Machine Age (2014) by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee describes how the ongoing growth of computing power and AI are going to change the world. The authors describe how they believe that the changes coming due to the increase in computer power will be a new industrial age.

The book zooms from looking at dazzling new technologies to describing how the authors believe that the world will change. Trends that the authors think are import such as Moore’s law are emphasized. The way superstars dominate some industries like entertainment is emphasized while the spread in earnings of dentists, lawyers and programmers is given huge prominence.

There is also a lot of human labour involved in a lot of tasks that include AI. There is a book review at public books about the book is really interesting.

The book is unsatisfying in the way it zooms from some remarkable new incoming technologies to describing great trends. It’s worth a read but doesn’t really get in to the details of how the work force has changed in the past and from there try to work out if the future will be slowly changing from the future of radically change due to automation.


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