Change Anything

Have you always wanted to know how to change your cat into a leopard? What about changing your tyre? What about changing a washer? Well, ‘Change Anything’ (2012) by Kerry Patterson dismally fails to answer these questions. However, for changing things about yourself the book is pretty solid.

The book describes six things that should be used to change divided into motivation and ability that comes from personal things, social angles and structural changes. Personal motivation is about using your desires, personal ability is about learning skills. Social motivation is using friends to help, social ability is similar. Structural motivation is about short term incentives and structural ability is about environmental changes to promote change.

After describing these ideas the book has case studies about career advancement, Weight loss, financial health, addiction and relationships. Finally there is a conclusion.

It’s a good book that makes the point that there are ways that work to change thing and there is a skill in making changes itself. It’s definitely worth a read for anyone attempting a change in their lives, provided it doesn’t involve leopards.


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