Modern Romance

Modern Romance (2015) by Aziz Ansari and Eric Klinenberg is a highly entertaining and informative look at how people date. The book concentrates on the US but also has sections on Japan, Argentina and France.

Ansari looks at how romance has changed rapidly from meeting someone you grew up with at 20 and getting married shortly after to searching online, texting, sending photos and living in large cities and dating for long periods searching the ideal soul mate. The book compiles statistical data from academics and data from OKCupid and other dating sites and looks at how people date now.

It’s really well done, Ansari writes well and adds bits of humour that make reading the book both fun and informative. The book leaves out a discussion of children, possibly that will be his next book if things go well with his new partner.

The advice contained at the end is both witty and wise. It’s definitely worth a read if you’re into sociology and statistics at all or like Ansari’s comedy. If you like both you’ll be in for a treat.


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