The Anti-Capitalist Mentality

The Anti-Capitalist Mentality (1956) by Ludwig von Mises outlines why von Mises thinks that many people are against capitalism. The book makes the mistake of assuming that anyone who disagrees with von Mises is daft or mean spirited. However the book does make some interesting points. Von Mises points out how he believes that the market itself was critical in providing the prosperity and levels of technology that are available. He also points out how people who dislike markets disregard their immense value in providing information. The book also points out that markets enable people to make a huge number of free choices all the time, another fact that detractors of markets often ignore. Von Mises also points out that most Marxists and critics of markets have little or no experience in creating or running businesses and fail to appreciate the work, skill and risk involved. The book is highly unlikely to convince anyone who dislikes markets that they are useful tools, it is of interest to anyone who wants to read something by Von Mises that is short and well written, even though it’s not fair minded.


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