A Numerate Life

A Numerate Life (2015) by John Allen Paulos is a mathematically inspired autobiography of the mathematician and writer John Allen Paulos. Paulos wrote the excellent Innumeracy, A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper, Beyond Numeracy and other books.

In the book Paulos ruminates over his own life and ponders how well we really know people in biographies, the self, how well we know ourselves and intersperses a lot of mathematical and cultural remarks. The book doesn’t, however, provide a great deal of information

The book isn’t bad. If you have read and enjoyed Paulos’ other books you may well like this. However, it’s definitely not his best. It seems to be more of a book for himself and people who like his writing a great deal than a general book for most people. It’s the weakest of his books that I’ve read.


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