How Star Wars Conquered the Universe

How Star Wars Conquered the Universe (2014) by Chris Taylor describes how Star Wars was created, how it grew, how it was merchandised, how the sequels were made, how the expanded universe came into being and how Lucasfilm was sold to Disney.

The book is a great read for any Star Wars fan and would be of interest to anyone who is interested in how a sprawling fantasy universe can grow from one man’s imagination into a fully fledged universe.

It’s hard to imagine any Star Wars fan not finding out loads of new information in the book and finding that the book changes their view of things and probably debunks some myths that are commonly believed. I’m a fan of the films and learned many new things. One of the interesting things is that Lucas has contradicted himself many times.

The book is better on the original trilogy, just like the films really. But it does give many explanations as to why the prequels are not as strong. The sale to Disney is sympathetically described as is the axing of the expanded universe. The book predates Star Wars Rebels and Episode 7 so those books are not included.

As a piece of nonfiction there is a sort of a narrative strung over the book including Navajo code talkers and the life of George Lucas. The non-fiction style of the book isn’t great but the content more than makes up for it.

For any fan of the movies who wants to know and have a good read this is highly recommended.


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