Grit : The Power of Passion and Perseverance (2016) by Angela Duckworth describes how people who persevere and overcome challenges succeed. In a way it describes why some people will put in effort to reach their peak performance and others won’t. It’s an interesting book to read in conjunction with Peak by Anders Ericsson.

Duckworth is a professor of Psychology. Duckworth describes a self-reporting scale where people say how likely they are to follow through with things. This was used and was shown to correlate with recruits who dropped out of West Point.

Grit looks at many successful individuals and shows how they are gritty and have used their grit. It also looks at how people can increase their own grit by making taking on challenges a habit, working with others with grit, uncovering a passion and realising how valuable grit is itself.

It’s an interesting book that undoubtedly has something to say. You have to work hard and have to find reasons to work hard and make sure you overcome challenges. This book looks at a useful way to think about the quality of grit and how important it is in life.



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