Algorithms to Live By

Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions (2016) by Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths is a gem of a book that describes how computer science has attempted to solve problems that are like those we face in our lives. The book manages to combine interesting discussions of life problems and also has really good exposition of various algorithms.

The book looks at when to stop looking for new jobs or partners and how to choose, how to balance exploring and enjoying what we know, when to make things neater, how to use cashes, how to schedule things, how to use limited information and change our views well, when not to over think, when to use some randomness to find things and how to use networking and how to think about competitive elements in our lives.

The book is very well written and would interesting anyone who likes to think about how to go about their own life and anyone who is interested in how computers solve problems. It’s not a book that uses rhetoric to say what we should do, instead it’s a quite, very thoughtful book full of insight.


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