We Are Legion (We Are Bob)

We Are Legion (We Are Bob) (2016) by Dennis E Taylor is an entertaining sci-fi novel with a clever premise.

Bob is from our time, has just sold his company and has made it but meets an unfortunate end, but he has had himself cryogenically preserved. He wakes up and finds that he has had his brain put into a computer so that his consciousness can function. As an engineer and the type of person he is he finds this to be pretty neat and it doesn’t drive him crazy as it has with other people.

Bob has been put into a computer so that he can be used to run a Von Neumann probe, that is a spacecraft that can travel to other star systems and copy itself. Bob can do this and can clone himself and produce more bobs.

This is a really great premise but it’s hard to go on from this premise and write a good story. The book is really strong for quite a while.

The problem is creating a story and characters that you can really care about when your main character(s) is an almost godlike spaceship. Taylor does a reasonably good job at doing so and the book flows fairly well. It’s no Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy but it is a fairly entertaining read. The book also sets itself up for sequels.

It’s a pretty outstanding bit of what seems to be self-published science fiction. It has a good idea and reads fairly well. It’s really pretty good fun.


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