Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur

Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur: Why I can’t Stop Starting Over (2007) by Stuart Skorman and Catherine Guthrie is an autobiographical account of Skorman’s adventures in starting businesses. Skorman founded which was an early fairly successful dot com in the first dot com boom. He had an entertaining interview on ‘The Internet History Podcast’ recently and the host recommended his book.

Skorman grew up in Ohio and his father ran a business that had a number of stores so he was brought up being aware of retail and business. He went to college and then managed a band in New England. Following that he tried to become a writer and then worked for Bread and Circus, a health food retailer in New England. After that he founded and ran a chain of video stores in Vermont then sold them to Blockbuster and then founded Finally he founded a blended pharmacy and new age medicine store.

There is definitely some interesting stuff in the book. The fact that people in the know thought as early as the start of the 1990s that video stores were going to be replaced by online streaming and purchases is interesting. There is also quite a lot of business advice from Skorman. It’s not a bad book but far from the most interesting memoir about dot coms and the like you can find.


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