Ahsoka (2016) by EK Johnson follows the adventures Ahsoka Tano. For those who don’t know, who would be a very small proportion of people who would be interested in this book, Ahsoka was the Padawan of Anakin Skywalker before he ran into difficulties and had a bit of a melt down.

Anyways, in this book Ahsoka is having a bit of a gap year and travelling the galaxy and doing some repairs on machines for people. She stops off at the beach planet of Goanoa and gets into a really serious party scene and meets Greydude, an Inquisitor who is questioning his role as an inquisitor and has discovered that Space-E is really a much better time than red light sabers. At least, well, that is what it could be. But it isn’t. It’s the usual Star Wars adventure stuff. Balancing the demand that most books end with the rebels improving their lot while still providing a gradual strengthening of the Empire somehow.

If you like Ahsoka, and a lot of people do, the book is OK. But it’s pretty ponderous. Can’t anyone have fun in the galaxy anymore?


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