Money, Real Quick: The story of M-PESA

Money, Real Quick: The story of M-PESA (2012) by Tonny Omwansa and Nicholas Sullivan is, remarkably the only general book on M-PESA on Amazon. M-PESA is the electronic money standard used in Kenya and set up by Vodaphone for Safaricom. 

M-PESA was set up initially as a method for repaying micro finance loans but took off and was adopted for other purposes quickly. It’s been a big success in Kenya and in some other parts of Africa. It has enabled poor people to avoid the high cost of using cash. It’s made it far easier to send money over a distance and it has helped many people obtain bank accounts as well. In Kenya there are 17M users which is about 2/3 of the adult population.

The book covers the story of M-PESA and has a lot of single person narrative tales about how M-PESA is used. It’s definitely an interesting read about an interesting development in electronic and mobile payments.




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