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Cosmic Engineers

Cosmic Engineers (1950) by Clifford D. Simak is a fun, short, quickly paced sci-fi story that has quite a few clever concepts and ideas. It was originally published as a short story in 1939. It’s a bit pulpy, but some of the ideas that crop up seem to have been revisited many times. While this might not be their first airing it’s still earlier than I’d thought some of the ideas had appeared.

It’s not great, but it’s fun and worth a read.


Snow Country

Snow Country (1937) by Yasunari Kawataba is a fine, moving and skillfully crafted story set in Western Japan.

Shimamura, a wealthy man from Tokyo meets Komako, a geisha. They fall in love, but he leaves and returns in years following.

The craft of the story, and the great translation I read, is really something. Short and well worth reading.


Coraline (2006) by Neil Gaiman is a delightful, creepy tale of a girl who goes through a door to a weird, eerie world that threatens her life with her parents. It’s short, simple and very well done. It’s very much worth a read.

Evangeline and the Mysterious Lights

Evangeline and the Mysterious Lights (2017) by Madeleine D’Este is the fourth book in the Evangeline series of magical steam punk Melbourne books.  This time around Evangeline is confronted by mysterious lights streaking over Melbourne that have to be explained.

In this novella more of Evangeline’s character is revealed with more of her back story being explained. In addition there’s more adventures with her father with the lights.

It’s highly entertaining and a nicely different fictional colonial version of Melbourne. For anyone who has enjoyed the other Evangeline books this one is definitely worth a read.


The Sheriff of Yrnameer

The Sheriff of Yrnameer (2009) by Michael Rubens is a pretty fun sci-fi comedy that definitely has its moments. The lead is Cole, a swindler and a bit of a loser who is constantly running from debts. He is pursued by Kenneth, a tentacle equiped super able bounty hunting alien who likes to watch Cole run.

Cole steals a ship to escape Kenneth and winds up taking a special cargo and two passengers toward Yrnameer – a legendary planet that isn’t full of ads. Chaos and comedy ensue.

It’s all pretty good, it’s entertaining but not brilliant. For anyone looking for something light and fun and who likes sci-fi comedy it’s worth a read.

The Cat Inside

The Cat Inside (1986) by William Burroughs is a compilation of short pieces about cats that Burroughs encountered during his life and also provides an insight in Burroughs himself.

The book itself is short but also touching unless, of course, you hate cats, in which case it’s not going to work. The stories about Burroughs’ cats are sparse, short but clever. Also mentions of Burroughs’ love life, drug use and life go through the book. It’s also well written. It’s an interesting short book and a reminder of what a good writer Burroughs was.

Ready Player One

Ready Player One (2011) by Ernest Cline is a book that combines a comic convention with Neuromancer or Snowcrash. It’s catnip for people who are into recognising pop culture references from the 1970s and 1980s.

The book concerns Wade who lives in a dystopian 2044 but who escapes into a VR game world called Oasis. The creator of Oasis has died but left an Easter Egg in the game that will give the finder a huge reward. Wade and many others are after it including a predictable evil corporation IOI. There is action, 1980s references and romance. I actually started this book a while ago and abandoned it because it seemed so derivative but after picking it up again I got through it and quite enjoyed it in the end.

The book is reasonably well done and the upcoming movie based on it should be quite fun as well. It’s not fantastic, but it is quite fun.